CRIO’s study design marketplace lives within the Help Center, a space that encourages self-service and gives users the flexibility to discover and reach resources they need on the day to day. Users can utilize the marketplace to find study design templates that follow the protocol for a particular study from a sponsor. Sites can easily search for a protocol number, purchase the design, and input right into their study’s source configuration within CRIO.
Role: UI/UX
Toolkit: Axure
At a clinical research site, a study designer will handle the study protocols and configure the visits into CRIO. This can lead to redundant steps, as well as complex logic configuration. How might we cut down study build time for clinical research sites and alleviate the complexity of putting together protocols?
Within CRIO's Help Center, customers are empowered to find solutions to navigate their workflow at their research site. The new addition of CRIO Marketplace allows users to browse and purchase study design templates to use at their site. I designed an e-commerce experience for users to purchase templates that they are confident in using, cutting down their time building studies from weeks to days.
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