CRIO (Clinical Research.IO) creates integrated solutions for research sites to move trials along by reducing data errors, streamlining workflow and accelerating timelines. This EMR integration is allowing research sites to obtain patient medical records seamlessly right into the CRIO software for review.
Role: Lead Designer
Responsibilities: design, testing, handoff, stakeholder management
Toolkit: Axure,
Research coordinators and admins need an efficient way to obtain medical records for patients in different research trials at their sites. CRIO has partnered with Pluto Health to integrate their medical record API which would allow study teams to obtain patient EHR records and health insights. But how will this integration fit into CRIO? How can users obtain medical records as part of their review workflow?
If coordinators and admins are able to automate the type of records they need to retrieve for each individual study, then sites will be able to quickly retrieve the same medical record types for each subject in a given study for review. I designed a solution for users to have default medical record settings for different studies based on the study needs. They can easily follow the status of these medical requests and route them for review.
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